Since 1985, PM GROUP continues to take a leading role in the irrigation industry by offering products, services and projects meeting world standards. As PM GROUP, we are proud of being one of the first manufacturers of PVC Lay Flat Hose in Europe after three years of R&D while building effective business relationships in 53 countries worldwide.

Our company contributes to the agricultural industry worldwide with several solution partners abroad. High quality irrigation components are vital for an efficient and reliable irrigation system to be installed.

Our business always concentrates on quality and we present a wide range of products expanding from mainly drip irrigation pipes to rainwater recycling; PVC Lay Flat Hose in order to create the most perfect system. As PM GROUP team, we are pleased to be part of this organization and work together to achieve our common goals and expectations.

We commit ourselves to maintain our innovative and instructive mission while pursuing to create new solutions for irrigation systems.

PM GROUP is a leader in bringing new technology and products into the irrigations systems industry with our R&D team continuously striving to bring innovation to our products.

PM GROUP is dedicated to be the most innovative and leading in this sector in domestic and foreign market.

The main goal of PMGROUP is to create projects to produce products in common criteria’s for our clients, current – future demands and invest in this way.

Our main criteria for investing is to balance quality and cost.

PM GROUP has “Utility Model” warrant of Europe Patent Institute.

Our R&D team always collaborates with universities, research stations and institutes in Europe and America. We always attend seminars, conferences and fairs in Turkey and across the globe to develop our way of sharing information.

We are proud to lead innovating materials and product technology which the whole world needs with our performance within the European Union supported “Framework Programmes” and studies in project groups.

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